My Hugo blog on GitHub pages

This post opens my new shiny blog, where I write notes about creative technological fun on my experiments with electronics, 3d printing and computer programming.

The blog uses Hugo static website generator and is deployed on GitHub Pages. I hope you enjoy it; meanwhile here are some notes about the procedure I used to set it up and to deploy it.

Setting up my blog

Create repository on GitHub and clone the repository with

git clone

Create a branch where the files for Hugo to process are stored:

git checkout --orphan source

We don’t need a readme file on source branch:

git rm

As Hugo doesn’t let you generate a new site in a directory where there are already files, generate the site skelethon in another directory with:

hugo new site dirname

and move files to local git repository;.

Commit what we have done so far:

git add .
git commit -m "hugo skelethon"

Add a theme as a git subtree, but first give it a name as remote repository:

git remote add -f hyde-my
git subtree add --prefix themes/hyde hyde-my master --squash

Edit blog content and commit, then push the source branch to github:

git push -u origin source

Generate the website and switch to master branch where the generated page should be stored

hugo -t hyde-yv
git checkout master

Copy contents of public directory in root github repo, add files, commit and push to github.

Now the website should be online.